Actichem Perox 5L

Perox is a high strength 50% Hydrogen Peroxide solution. It is popular in commercial laundries for destaining, whitening and low temperature sanitising of garments and linen. Perox is also widely used as a specialty stain remover on carpet, fabric and porous hard surfaces.
Perox is readily biodegradable and considered a greener alternative for many applications.

Colour: Clear (water white)
pH: 1.5
Fragrance: None
Dilution: 20 – 30ml per litre of ready to use chemical
Safety profile: Class 5.1 Oxidising agent

This Chemical is LOCAL PICK UP ONLY item as due to Dangerous Goods Classification.

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  • Stain Removal – Perox employs the power of Hydrogen Peroxide to neutralize the toughest urine and pet stains. It will also remove many colour stains such as wine and cordial.
  • Odour Removal – Hydrogen Peroxide provides powerful oxidisation of bacteria and odour causing germs.
  • Non Residual – Perox leaves absolutely no residues behind and does not need to be rinsed.
  • Coloursafe – Perox is safe for use on colourfast fabrics and carpets.
  • Fibre Safe – Perox is safe for use on natural and synthetic fibres, however fine fabrics must be pre-tested for fibre and colour stability before use.
Application areas and surface suitability
  • Booster
  • Stain removal
How to use

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals. Never add Perox to undiluted cleaning solutions.
Perox is sensitive to heat and light. Store out of direct sunlight and avoid storing it in your van for lengthy periods. Store the Perox inside and only store a small bottle in the van. Replace this at least one per month.


Ready to Use


Application: Booster (Encap or Prespray)

  1. Mix Actichem cleaning detergent with water to recommended dilution.
  2. Add 20-30ml Perox per litre of ready-to-use solution.
  3. Stir briefly. Use within 60 minutes. Follow normal cleaning procedures.

Application: Stain Removal

  1. Add 40-60ml Perox per litre of clean water.
  2. Apply directly to the spot
  3. Agitate and allow 10 minutes activity time. Some spots may take up to 2 hours.
  4. No rinse is required.

*The speed of spot treatment can be increased by spraying protein spotter onto the area after the Perox has been applied. This method can potentially cause some colour loss in carpets and fabrics

This Chemical is LOCAL PICK UP ONLY item as due to Dangerous Goods Classification.