Agar G-Solve

G-SOLVE is a pre-spotter for removing stains from carpet and clothing prior to rinsing or washing. It is a solvent-based product for removing oily and greasy-type stains and can be washed out with water or detergent.

  • G-SOLVE is a potent solvent for carpet spotting and removing difficult soilage.
  • G-SOLVE will dissolve grease, chewing gum, tar, adhesives and oily stains.

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How Does It Work?

G-SOLVE is a sophisticated blend of solvents and surfactant. It will remove: adhesives, grease, chewing gum, oil, asphalt, tar, wax, rubber marks, some inks, metal polish, tobacco, oil-based furniture polish, silicone, Blutak®.

For Use On…

G-SOLVE may be used to pre-spot carpet and clothing and to clean hard surfaces.

NOTE: G-SOLVE may attack some rubber and soft plastic surfaces.
Always test before use.