Actichem Biosan II 5L

Biosan II is a hospital grade disinfectant which is a breakthrough in modern, innovative, cleaning and disinfection technology. Biosan II is a single-step, hospital grade disinfectant with awesome cleaning power and is effective against a wide variety of pathogenic micro-organisms including viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew.

Kills SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus) – TGA Australia listing
AUST L 332364

Powerful, single-step disinfection with unique benefits of being completely non-toxic and safe for use in food preparation environments.

Colour: Light tan
pH: 7.5
Fragrance: Lemon Verbena
Dilution: 1:16 to 1:32
Safety: Non-hazardous

$99.00 inc. GST



  • Biosan II has many incredible benefits which make it an increasingly popular choice in hospital grade cleaning and disinfecting situations.
  • Non-toxic, Pleasant fresh fragrance.
  • Safe for use in food environments.
  • Outstanding cleaning power.
  • Safe for use on carpets and fabrics.
  • Non-corrosive and safe for use on metal surfaces.
  • leaves an active residue that will continue to be effective for hours after cleaning.
  • Neutral pH.
  • Kills mould.

Sophisticated Anti-microbial Blend – Biosan ll employs a potentiated biocidal package which provides a significantly faster and wider scope of kill.
Penetration – To provide ultimate sanitization of target surfaces, this powerful anti-microbial package has been combined with super-wetting technology. This enables the biocide to penetrate faster and deeper into the inner-structure of fibre and porous substrates.
Eliminates odours – Biosan ll eliminates odours at their source by powerful anti-microbial action against odour causing germs.
Broad Spectrum of Activity – Biosan II has lethal capacity against an extremely broad scope of microorganisms, making it the ideal product for a wide variety of applications.
Provides a Safe Working Environment – ideal for removing or minimizing dangerous micro-organisms.

Biosan II is effective against a wide spectrum of pathogens:

Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA or Golden Staph)
Escerichia Coli (E-Coli)
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Proteus Vulgaris
Aspergillus Brasiliensis
Poliovirus Type 1
SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 Virus)
Salmonella Choleraesuis

Application areas & surface suitability
  • Disinfects bio-contaminated surfaces affected by dirty water, ood water, sewage, human and animal body uids.
  • Kills mould.
  • Hard surface disinfectant only.
  • Not to be used on skin.
  • The disinfectant is not to be used on medical devices or other therapeutic goods.
How to use

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals. Observe all safety directions and read the SDS before use.

Special use notes:
Will effect the stain resistant treatment on 5th & 6th generation nylon.
Do not mix Biosan ll with detergents or other chemicals.


Add 64ml per litre of clean water (1:16) for positive disinfection/decontamination and mould remediation.
Add 16-20ml per litre (1:64 – 1:50) for clean surface disinfection and odour control.

  1. Pre-cleaning and prior removal of organic load will enhance results. Follow certied disaster restoration guidelines for positive sanitisation.
  2. Apply the solution to a workable area using a sprayer, sponge or scrubber machine.
  3. Agitate and allow 10 minutes dwell time.
  4. Rinse surface using clean water.
  5. At 1:64 dilution, Biosan II does not need to be rinsed. If left to air dry, a residual coating remains for longer protection from micro-organisms