Cleaning Detergent Bundle #1 – Agar

Basic cleaning detergent package – Floor Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner & Glass Cleaner

  • pH-7 5L
  • Bowl Clean 5L
  • Agar Flash Dry 5L
  • Labelled bottles – pH-7, Bowl Clean & Flash Dry

$125.00 inc. GST



Agar pH-7 5L

pH-7 is a neutral detergent that has a multitude of applications for cleaning hard surfaces. pH-7 has been specially formulated to be environmentally preferable.

  • A mild detergent with great versatility.
  • Verified to comply with the highest environmental standards.
  • Answer for alkali-sensitive floors
  • Safe to use, promoting good Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Reduces paperwork and compliance obligations.
Agar Lemon Disinfectant 5L

LEMON is a fresh-scented, commercial-grade germicide with a powerful cleaning action that leaves surfaces disinfected, clean, and perfumed with a long-lasting citrus fragrance.

  • Commercial-grade disinfectant at 1:50
  • Breaks down grease & grime with ease
  • Chemically destroys odours at the source
  • Leaves a long-lasting fragrance
Agar Bowl Clean 5L

A powerful, antibacterial cleaner for toilets and urinals, BOWL CLEAN removes watermarks and stains from porcelain, ceramic and stainless steel sinks, basins, urinals and toilet bowls.

  • Powerful 4-in-1 cleaner: cleans, kills germs, removes scale, deodorises
  • Strong antibacterial power
  • Thickened formula for easier cleaning
Agar Flash Dry 5L

Boost your cleaning power with Flash Dry. It is a high-performance glass and window cleaner that evaporates ultra-fast. It effectively removed grease and grime from shiny surfaces, kills germs and leaving no streaks, smears or residues. It’s designed for spray-and-wipe cleaning of glass, chrome and all shiny surfaces.

  • Blasts away smudges, oily films, finger-prints & other dirt
  • Evaporates ultra-fast to reduce the amount of wiping needed, keeping the cloth drier for longer
  • Makes cleaning faster
  • Leaves glass smear-free
  • Anti-bacterial: Kills 99.9% of germs.
  • Anti-static so reduces dust-cling
  • Pleasantly perfumed to lightly deodorise
  • Non-Dangerous Goods
  • Safe on window tint film
  • Versatile – not just a glass cleaner, Flash Dry cleans all shiny surfaces