Oates Research Products SUPASTAR 1L – Neutral Cleaner Marble, Terrazzo & Sealed Timber Floors

Floor cleaner ideal for maintaining sealed floors. Formulated for use on delicate surfaces including marble, terrazzo and slate, it is also the ideal cleaner for polished timber floors offering a streak free finish. Despite its neutral pH, it still has the punch to remove heavy grime and soil, and can be used to cut back floor finishes by leaving on the surface a several minutes prior and scrubbing with Oates Floormaster blue pad.

  • Suitable for vinyl, marble, terrazzo and sealed timber floors
  • pH neutral, gentle and free-rinsing
  • Will not leave behind a greasy, sticky or slippery residue
  • Won’t blush or dull high gloss floors
  • Offers a fresh clean citrus fragrance
  • pH: 7.0 – 7.5.

$12.95 inc. GST

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