Autosol Leather Cleaner 75ml

Autosol Leather Cleaner is made in Germany to clean, restore and protect all leather and vinyl surfaces with its concentrated paste formula.

Autosol Leather Cleaner is quick and easy to use, gentle but effective, restores colour and lustre to leather while removing stains caused by dirt, build-up, and even ink. The 10x concentrate ph-balanced formula safely cleans leather without changing the look or feel or harming any stitches. It is suitable for smooth leather and also works on matte plastic, vinyl or synthetic leather, though not recommended for suede. The deep cleaning action removes grime and restores elasticity while giving new depth of colour to leave a natural, matte finish. Because Autosol Leather Cleaner works to safely clean and protect leather, it is the exclusive leather cleaner of the BMW Factory. In addition to leather seats, this product cleans and restores bumpers, spoilers, motorcycle bags and saddles. It is even great outside the automotive world, and can be used for jackets, briefcases, wallets, furniture and even shoes.

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