Tonizone Furniture Polish Lemon Oil 400G

Silicone free furniture polish

Furniture Polish with Lemon Oil is made from the finest waxes and oil to give your furniture a high lustre shine and to enhance the natural colours of the wood grain.

Tonizone premium quality furniture polish is specially designed to help remove tough strains, heavy dirt and dust. Your furniture will look clean, waxed and polished. This can also be used on Brass and Metal furniture to leave a sparkling rich finish.

Directions: Test in an inconspicuous area before use. Shake can well and rotate nozzle toward red dot before using. Hold can upright approximately 15-20cm from surface and spray lightly onto the area to be polished. Using a clean, soft dry cloth polish gently. For hard to reach areas spray directly ohto cloth before polishing. Use regularly to ensure your furniture is conditioned adequately.

$12.95 inc. GST

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