Soap Boys Deodoriser 5L – Linen Breeze

Linen Breeze Deodoriser is a genenal purpose cleaner and disinfectant with a long lasting, pleasant fragrance. Ideal for use in washrooms and high traffic public areas or anywhere odour may be present. Can be sprayed into the air or onto hard surfaces. Check for colour fastness before spraying onto carpet.

  • Made in Australia
  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable bottle

$22.50 inc. GST




As an air freshener: Dilute 100ml per 750ml water and spray 1-2 times into the centre of the room or onto surface.

For cleaning floors: Dilute 250ml into a bucket of warm water and mop as usual.

For Spray and Wipe cleaning: 1:2 with water. Spray on and wipe surface with a cloth.

Suitable for floors, washrooms and a variety of hard surfaces.

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