Enviro Oven & Grill Cleaner 5L

OVEN & GRILL is a powerful industrial strength degreaser to clean grease, fat and food soils from grill, hot plate, stove and rotisseries. OVEN & GRILL will remove oil, grease, grey and grimy buildup from all surfaces like, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, quarry tiles and concrete floors with ease.

WHERE TO USE: Kitchens, hot plate, grill, ovens, rotisseries, exhaust fans, kitchen floors, cleaning greasy surfaces, carbon based like, tar and grime removal.

HOW TO USE: When using this product, always wear gloves

Hot Plate: 1 part OVEN & GRILL 2 parts water. ( kitchen hot plate ) Cover the surface of the hot plate with a thin layer. Wait for 60 seconds, get a jug of warm water, and slowly pour on to surface by using a scraper pull the dirty water off and rinse. In 60 seconds your hot plate is in new condition ready to go. *You will always get better results when the surface is warm (not hot).

Degreasing : Dilute OVEN & GRILL 1:3 to 5 parts water. (kitchens, ovens, rotisseries, exhaust fan, greasy marks and stains). Apply OVEN & GRILL solution with spray. Leave to soak 5 minutes and wipe off with scourer. Heavy duty: 1 part OVEN & GRILL 10 to 20 parts water. ( concrete in food processing ) Apply by spray or mop. Scrub with rotary machine or wipe off with scourer. Read MSDS sheet for, Safety & First Aid

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