Agar Bowl Clean 5L – Antibacterial Cleaner

A powerful cleaner for toilets and urinals, BOWL CLEAN removes water-marks and stains from porcelain, ceramic and stainless steel sinks, basins, urinals and toilet bowls.

How does it work?

BOWL CLEAN’s special formula will dissolve scale and rusty water-marks but will not affect stainless steel, even during periods of prolonged contact. BOWL CLEAN has a unique four-way action: it cleans, removes scale, soilage and other deposits, kills germs and deodorises all in the one operation.

PERFUME: Pot-Pourri
PH LEVEL: 2.0 +/- 0.5

$28.50 inc. GST

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BOWL CLEAN is an antibacterial cleaner for toilets, urinals, tiled washroom floors, walls, paths, basins and shower recesses. It dissolves all types of deposits and rust from porcelain, ceramic and stainless steel surfaces, kills household germs and leaves surfaces perfumed with a pot-pourri fragrance.

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