Premium White Cotton Towels Rags 10kg

These all-purpose heavy-duty White Towel Cleaning rags are super absorbent, great for cleaning fluid spills, easy drying up surfaces, wiping electrical or sensitive products. Perfect for busy cleaning industries or factories.

This Premium White Towel Cleaning Rag is made from 100% recycled low-lint bathrobes and Towels.

Where to use

These Premium White Towel Cleaning Rags are used for all types of fluid spills, including chemicals, water, and oils. This low-lint cotton-cleaning towel is also perfect for cleaning, wiping and drying up larger surface-top areas.

These Premium White Towel cleaning rags are used widely by cleaners, plumbers, painters, janitors, roof workers, restaurants, mechanical shops, car yards, marine, waste disposal industry, earthworks and more.

$75.90 inc. GST