Vileda PVAmicro Max Microfibre Cloth, Grey 50x44cm

Vileda Professional PVAmicro Max is made out of microfibers and treated with a special coating. This treatment makes the cloth’s inner structure smooth, revealing superior cleaning performance.

PVAmicro Max is ideal for drying of large surface without leaving streaks behind. Therefore, it is the ideal cloth for drying cars after washing, and can also be used for cleaning of the interior of cars.
Due to its size and good absorbency, PVAmicro Max also is the perfect cloth for window cleaning.

  • Made from Microfibre, impregnated with PVA coating
  • *Up to 99.99% Bovine coronavirus removal from vinyl surfaces as tested at a 3rd party lab
  • Good water absorbency
  • Streak-free cleaning without after-drying
  • Extra big cloth size, ideal for drying of large surfaces (e.g. for car washing, window cleaning)
  • 50 x 44cm

$7.50 inc. GST

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