Oates Eager Beaver Floor Scrubbing Pads

Eager Beaver pads are the ideal tool to clean the floor without the use of a machine. They can be used for a hand tool or a floor tool, according to the job needed. Eager Beaver pads are available in six different abrasives, plus a microfibre version to cover every need.

250 x 110 mm each

  • White: Non-abrasive polishing pad, Ideal for a high gloss finish
  • Red: Ideal for light duty scrubbing
  • Blue: Ideal for medium duty scrubbing
  • Green: Ideal for heavy duty scrubbing and removing tough built-up grime
  • Brown: Ideal for light duty scrubbing and removing light wax build up
  • Black: Ideal for super heavy duty scrubbing and removing heavy wax build up

$3.30 inc. GST