Ostrich Feather Dusters 50cm with Plastic Handle

Fine soft Ostrich Feathers have traditionally been favoured to produce the highest quality dusting tools. The extra fine structure of the feathers effectively picks up and holds dust.

The soft, supple nature of the feathers makes them perfect for dusting around intricate items and tight spaces.

We have sourced a range of Ostrich Feathers direct from South Africa, from premium grey and black feathers to economical brown feathers. With these high quality feathers we produce a range of beautiful Ostrich Feather dusters on attractively turned timber handles, or on two styles of compact retractable dusters.

Ostrich Feather Dusters can be matched to a moulded handle with an Acme Thread which fits onto a threaded extension pole to reach high, difficult to access areas.

Material: Brown Ostrich Feathers
Length (cm): 50cm
Handle: ABS

$14.95 inc. GST

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