Comac Vispa 35B Battery Walk Behind Scrubber Machine

Ideal for maintenance cleaning, Vispa 35 is designed to replace manual cleaning systems in small and congested areas.

Vispa 35 collects all dirt in the recovery tank rather than smearing or moving it around on the floor, which can often be the case with manual cleaning. Effortless scrubbing increases efficiency and productivity, making any cleaning operation easier for the user.

Thanks to an automatic squeegee and brush adjustment system, the machine can adjust to any type of floor.

Battery-powered machine is cable-free, making it convenient and manoeuvrable in even the smallest spaces.

Vispa 35B feature a built-in battery charger and gel batteries.
Comes with Nylon Brush

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$4,730.00 inc. GST

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Technical Specifications
  • Solution tank8L
  • Recovery tank10L
  • Voltage / Power12V / 500W
  • Working width350mm
  • Squeegee width440mm
  • Working capacity up to1050m2/h
  • Disc brush350mm
  • Brush pressure20kg
  • Brush motor12V / 250W
  • Vacuum motor12V / 250W
  • Battey12V / 65Ah
  • Battey run timeUp to 1 hour
  • Dimension682x1018x440mm(LxHxW)
  • Weight (w/ Battery)67kg
  • Warranty2 year