Commercial Walk Behind Floor Scrubber CT53B

  • Compact design, narrow space can be easily operated
  • High strength polyethylene water tank, strong and durable
  • Floating skirt edge design, close to the ground to prevent the brush disc, swing water causing secondary pollution
  • Solenoid valve control water flow on and off, more water saving
  • The unique U-shaped water scraper can easily absorb the water stains on the ground even if the fuselage turns 180 degrees

$5,445.00 inc. GST



  • Voltage24 V
  • Cleaning Width560 mm
  • Squeegee Width850 mm
  • Solution Tank60 L
  • Recovery Tank65 L
  • Cleaning Path560 mm
  • Squeegee Width850 mm
  • Efficiency2300 m2/h
  • Working Time3-4 hr
  • Weight175 kg
  • Dimensions1270 x 670 x 1130 mm

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