R45B Walk Behind Battery Floor Scrubber

Scrubbing and drying on floor at same time, dirty water, soil, sand and oil are sucked into the recovery tank, floor is clean as new one after operation. It helps simplify the cleaning work, reduce labor fatigue and working time; quickly solve all kinds of stains on the floor, remarkably improve cleaning hygienic level. Suitable for 500sqm – 2000sqm.

  • Reliable and durable, affordable price
  • Improve cleaning efficiency, reduce management cost
  • Improve the hygienic level for cleaning area
  • Intuitive instrument button, easy to operate, do not need any special training

*Cleanmax Supplies is an authorised Tennant-Rongen distributor.

$5,390.00 inc. GST



Technical Specification

  • Voltage24 V
  • Propelling SystemManual
  • Brush400 Watts
  • Vacuum Motor400 Watts
  • Solution Tank40 L
  • Recovery Tank45 L
  • Cleaning Path470 mm
  • Squeegee Width770 mm
  • Productivity1850 m2/h
  • Weight140 kg
  • Dimensions1250x520x1090 mm (LxWxH)
  • Standard AccessoriesFloor Brush x1, Pad Holder x1, Battery x2

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