Origin 150BV Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Designed for commercial applications where high performance is required.

  • Ergonomic design that enables the operator to be more productive with less stress, in complete safety and comfort. Flexible lower back support and back pad harness assembly.
  • A moulded clear lid designed for maximum air flow.
  • Unique clips that prevent wall damage and under normal use unbreakable.
  • Design of the lid has the vacuum hose vertical and behind the operator. This prevents the hose from swinging out and knocking objects on shelves or tables.
  • The Top canister design is tapered inwards to protect wall damage and works with the filter bag taper to maximize air flow around the filter bag.
  • Carry Handle
  • Lower Body with flexible dual wall

Made in Australia

$319.00 inc. GST

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Technical specifications
  • Vacuum motor1300W 2 Stage Flo-thru
  • Voltage220-240V
  • Noise level61.3 dB(A) from 1.5M
  • Airflow43 L/S
  • Capacity5L
  • Cord Length15m
  • Weight4.85kg